Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the dormitory's Wi-Fi network, "kollegium"?

In the building K0-1-2-3 and 4 you can use the "kollegium" Wi-Fi network. Your login credentials are identical to your szewlan/eduroam username/password. In Széchenyi University, your username is and the initial password is your birth date (only 8 digits: YYYYMMDD) and your Education ID (11 digits, you can check it in Neptun, on the My data/Personal information page).

So if your Neptun code is ABCDEF and you were born in 1990.12.23 and your Education ID is 12345678901, your username is and your password is 1990122312345678901. If you had an eduroam username in your sending institution, you can also use that username/password on the kollegium, eduroam and szewlan WiFi networks.

There is also a setup tool, which can help set up your computer:

You can change your eduroam password here:
More intormation (in Hungarian):

I had a problem while I was try to login or register to the site...

You can use the eduID centralized directory identifier in many sites on the University. This system is not managed by us!
You can report the problems by the link below: