Can I use my own hotspot or WiFi router?

We do not recommend the use of TP-Link routers with the factory default software, because they tend to overload the network, which lead to the blocking of the room's wall socket without any warning.
If you would like to use any TP-Link router, you have to change it's firmware to OpenWrt or DD-WRT.
Before you change your devices firmware, you should be aware of the following:

  • Product support of OpenWrt or DD-WRT firmwares (you can check it on the links before).
  • The replacement of the firmware is risky, in case of a failure the device may become unusable and may result in loss of warranty (NetClub assumes no liability for any of the cases above).

Hegedűs Gyula dormitory and Multifunkciós building:

The use of a router is only possible with the Wi-Fi radio turned off! We need this to avoid interference and channel overcrowding. Every other setting is equal to the others below. If you would like to use WiFi please check the following article: How can I use the dormitory's Wi-Fi network, "kollegium"?.

Külső (external) and Famulus dormitory:

If you have the proper firmware for your device (according to the first block of this article) you must setup you device as it is written below:

  • You must NOT use the WAN port to connect any device (or the wall socket). These devices need to be used in the same way as switches, so you have to connect the wall socket to one of the LAN portsBy connecting the wall socket to the WAN port, the router not only block your computer from accessing the dormitory network, but also NAT, which will result a banned IP address.
  • Set a password that is complex enough.
  • You must set the router to DHCP client or activate the AP mode (the option names can be different)
  • You have to set a strong password for the WiFi and the SSID have to be the the room number (pl.: Sxxx/A, Txxx/B).
  • Before you connect the device to the dormitory network, you must have to disable the DHCP server on it, and if there is an option for it, you should also disable the NAT.
    Attention! Some devices has already support IPv6. If your device does this too, you should disable the IPv6 DHCP server and address asigment. DD-WRT and OpenWrt firmwares has this option, but it can show up in any factory firmware.

Incorrect settings will automatically disable the room's wall socket without warning. With this in mind, we recommend that you use a switch to divide the connection. This devices should not have any problems and can be purchased in stores for an even cheaper price (2-3000 HUF).

Important note: We only provide the network to the endpoint (wall socket). So if you can't set up your router, either don't use such a device or look for someone who can do it for you. NetClub is not responsible for maintaining / configuring students private devices.