The website header says I got a blocked IP address, what is the reason?

A blocked IP address does not necessarily mean that the system has been blocked for some violation. By default, a disabled IP address indicates an IP address from which only the university network can be accessed, not the Internet. Your machine may have a disabled IP address for the following reasons:

  • You have not registered your machine or you have entered an incorrect MAC address. Solution: Register your machine in the registered devices menu or correct the registered MAC address.
  • Your room number is incorrect. Solution: Fix it on the profile page, wait 10 minutes and restart your machine.
  • You have not paid your network usage fee, or your first free standard address has not yet been activated. Solution: Check the IP address status in the Registered Devices menu. If it is paid or free and the validity is displayed, wait 10 minutes and restart your machine. If required, pay the appropriate item through check/cheque (which can be obtained from the Dormitory administrator). If the first standard toll-free address does not turn on within 10 minutes (the status does not change on the site), it is possible that one of your data is incorrect in one of the administrative systems (dormitory, Neptune), inquire about it in the error reporting interface.
  • You have committed a violation, so your system or one of our agents has blocked your IP address to protect your network. Solution: You will always receive an e-mail notification about the actual block, and you can also see which IP address is blocked on registered devices. Follow the instructions that came with the block to resolve the issue.
  • The IP address is active, you have paid, and you have a good MAC address registered, but you can't go online. Solution: Are you sure you have a good MAC address? The MAC address of the Wi-Fi and cable internet controller is different. If you are using Wi-Fi, unplug the cable, if you have a cable, turn off the Wi-Fi, double-check the MAC address and correct the registration.

So by default, all new devices connected to the network get a "disabled" IP address, which is completely normal. If the above as well as "Network is not working, what should I do?" If the content of the article has been exhausted, it must be indicated on the error reporting interface by providing the data requested there.