Payment by cheque

We can NOT accept bank transfers (not even to the bank account listed on the cheque)!

ONLY those can pay by cheque, who don't have a Neptun-code provided by the University, or can't transcribe any item due to technical reasons (e.g. their student status has changed, those who have completed their state exam).

The method of paying by cheque:

  • Ask for a cheque of the correct amount at the K1 entrance, and pay it at the Post Office
  • Write your name and Neptun-code on the part of the cheque that you get back
  • Take a good quality, clear and sharp picture of it
  • Open a new ticket at the 'Error reporting' section of the site about enabling your subscription. Attach the picture of your cheque!
  • If you have a requested IP-address, then you have nothing to do but wait until our colleagues approve your payment